Financial Accounting Solutions

Top Flight specialises in providing superior support to New Zealand's leading financial accounting and business management software solutions such as Accredo, Xero and MYOB.

Our software solutions can be customised and modified to suit your individual business needs. From financial accounting  to job costing, foreign currency and payroll, the solutions we offer cover most aspects of any business requirements. 

We also offer Microsoft Office and MYOB Atlas support.


  • Getting Top Flight to train our staff in Accredo and using Data Integration to import our invoices has saved us days a month in additional processing. It's great!

    Tom Compton, C V Compton Ltd
  • Working closely with Top Flight, Pharmaborker are able to create and send a range of different reports and sales figures out to the companies they represent. Davis says Top Flight has proven to be a valuable resource, not just in terms of customizing the product so it can handle the type of straight through processing his business demands, but as an on-the-spot support resource as well. Davis added “Our business runs so much more effectively with Accredo software and Top Flight as support.”

    Jim Davis, Managing Director, Pharmabroker
  • I have enjoyed working with the team from Top Flight Computers for the past thirteen years. They have been very accommodating - a baby even had to make a late appearance so we could get the end of the month's financials completed; and I enjoy their wicked senses of humour.

    Gail Moy, Wynn Oil Ltd NZ
  • Working with QSP Debra, David and Nyree of Top Flight Computer Services has provided many advantages. Debra has suggested all sorts of customisations we would never have thought of that will help us to really maximise the potential of our system and business. In addition, says Graham, they really listens to our feedback and we see enhancements made to the software as a result - the QSP system really works, and it is a valuable means of information exchange.

    Graham Rye, Kleenpak Northland Ltd
  • In 1997 my accountant introduced me to Debra Munro of Top Flight Computer Services. Debra and her team of well qualified staff have me well organised with forms, templates, a computerised payroll and accounting system - and the list goes on. They have adapted our Accredo software to accommodate our unique industry requirements saving me endless hours calculating commissions etc. I can only say that I have the greatest admiration for the team at Top Flight and I could not imagine my office without them. I would recommend any business to Top Flight - They are Simply the Best!

    Joan Stott, Director, Awa Gardens Ltd, Awa Nursery

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