End of Month/Year Stocktakes don’t have to be such a drama

Stocktaking with Top Flight Online

The end of each month/ financial year is fast approaching, often leaving you with the mammoth task of completing a full stock count. Stocktaking is a notoriously manual and laborious process – but it doesn’t have to be.
Stocktaking in Top Flight Online can drastically reduce time spent stocktaking, getting the stock counts you need directly into Accredo.

Top Flight Online is cloud-based – paired with a mobile device, you can:

Scan stock quickly
Incremental Count
Import results with one click
use your Existing device

If you have any questions related to Top Flight Online Stocktaking or any other Top Flight Online module please feel free to call us on (09) 367 6609.

Our most popular modules:

Module Name                           Purpose
Deliveries                                 Track delivery of outwards goods, optionally with GPS locations
Invoices                                    Create invoices and scan products for your customers
Purchase                                  Orders Order new stock from your creditors
Receipts                                    Receipt incoming stock
Stocktaking                              Create stock takes to count current stock levels (incl. UOM & Barcode                                                      Allocation)
Stock Transfers                        Transfer stock between stock locations
Labelling                                   Print labels from barcodes
Test & Tag                                 Device tracking, maintenance and testing
Job Costing                              Job time management, time entry

Transactions are recorded on the mobile device using a barcode scanner or entered manually. They can be added to or edited right up until the transaction has been marked as ‘Confirmed’. Once confirmed, these transactions are then available to be imported directly into Accredo. This is a ‘click of a button’ process and can be actioned as often as required.
If you would like to find out more about this solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us.