Business Analytics is extremely important to any business regardless of size or industry, however too many people are not getting what they need out of their data, use the wrong tools, misunderstand, misinterpret or misuse their data.

Top Flight Dashboards can accurately and efficiently put your business analytics to work for you.

Capture all your system data from multiple sources of data points, department or process relevant to your business.

Turn your system Data into an Informative tool for all users within your business, whether its Warehouse, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing or Management team with Top Flight Dashboards to enable all departments to visualise Real Time Performance, evaluate Key Performance Indicators and make valuable decisions to improve processes for the overall Business success.

Visualise clear and graphical results though graphical revenue charts budget vs actual, expenditure and balance sheets in bar diagrams or department budgets in pie charts on

One Meaningful Business Dashboard -the Progress Report tool that changes the way businesses view and understand the data.

Customise your Dashboards the way that suits and relevant to your organisation and access from any mobile device, whether you require to:

  • Evaluate Sales performance and Growth of Revenue, whether by Sales people, stock groups, sales areas to compare to projected analysis and set prospected targets.
  • Manage customer invoices, business expenses, track revenue goals to monitor your business expenses and set budgets in your Finance Department.
  • Keep track and manage Status of your Inventory levels, job status and operations on monthly basis.
  • Monitor your client database status and performance.
  • Assess What Social Media Channels work best for you and plan ahead