Income for an Employee if they are on ACC

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Income for an Employee if they are on ACC

If an employee needs time off work due to an injury that ACC covers, the ACC can help with their income Employment details ACC Needs When an employee applies for weekly compensation, ACC needs information about their employment – this includes: how much they earned before their time off their hours of work any days… Read more »

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Public Holidays

Entitlements Employees are entitled to a paid day off on a public holiday, if they would have worked on that day if it wasn’t a public holiday (i.e. the public holiday falls on an ‘otherwise working day’ for the employee). There are 11 public holidays. The public holidays are: Christmas and New Year: Christmas Day… Read more »

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Keeping Accurate Employee Records

Employers must keep complete and accurate records of wage, time, leave and also other details employment agreements, plus more. Records that employers must keep for each employee Name, postal address, age(if under 20 years) and the date they started working. If they’re on an individual employment agreement or a collective agreement (and the title and… Read more »

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Final Pay Entitlements

Payment for Leave and Holidays in Final Pay Employees who are leaving their employment for any reason (e.g. by resignation, retirement, redundancy, dismissal or completion of fixed term) usually get their final wages and holiday pay on their last day of work, but may be paid it in their pay for the final period of… Read more »

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Public holidays over Christmas and New Year

There are 4 public holidays over Christmas and New Year. Christmas Day (25 December) Boxing Day (26 December) New Year’s Day (1 January) 2 January. These public holidays are observed on the actual day when they fall on a weekday. If you would like to know more or have any other queries relating to Payroll… Read more »

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Accredo Version 5-some new and improved features

All Documents in One list The new Documents Lists function “Both Current and History” allows you to view all the Documents you are looking at on one list. No need to flick between Current and Historic Documents-now both are available to be viewed on one list. Easier Report Identification In Version 5 if you run… Read more »

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Payday Filing in a nutshell

Payday filing is coming, and you need to be ready What you need to know about switching to payday filing From 1 April 2019 employers must: File employment information every payday instead of an Employer monthly schedule (IR348). Provide new and departing employees’ address information, as well as their date of birth – if they have… Read more »

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Accredo Version 5 is now available

  Accredo Version 5 is now available Featuring: Enhanced System Security Electronic GST filing More Powerful Inventory Control Range of new functions – and enhancements to existing ones Click here to find out more:

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Holiday Pay Entitlements

Why do employers get it wrong? If a holiday pay was paid incorrectly, that is, if a person was paid holiday pay as a casual worker while in fact they were a part-time employee on a regular work pattern, an employer might be required to pay them holiday pay again. In the case considered by… Read more »

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