Employee holiday entitlements

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Employee holiday entitlements

What happens to an employee’s holiday entitlements if they were dismissed and then re-hired within one month? Section 85 of the Holidays Act 2003 outlines if an employee is dismissed and they are re-employed by the same employer within one month, for the purposes of their entitlements to annual holidays, sick leave and bereavement leave,… Read more »

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Self-employed contractor vs an employee

Employees and contractors have different rights and obligations under the employment legislation. Below are some examples of questions worth asking before starting an employment relationship You are a self-employed contractor if you: You may be an employee if you: advertise your expert services and skills have a common understanding (intention) with your employer that you… Read more »

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GST in New Zealand

The information in this blog is of a general nature and only applies in NZ. Please obtain appropriate professional advice before acting on any of these suggestions. Your particular circumstances need to be thoroughly examined by an experienced tax adviser. As a GST registered entity, the typical business owner is merely acting as a tax… Read more »

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What Bookkeepers do- explained

Here is a quick overview of the most important roles of a bookkeeper and the important role they play for a business. Data Entry Your bookkeeper will enter all your financial transactions into the system accurately and analyse them to the correct accounts in your accounting software. Regular reports will be provided that contain useful… Read more »

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