B2B Integration

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B2B Integration

What is B2B Integration? B2B integration enables businesses to electronically exchange documents, information, and data on a system-to-system basis. The exchange can be with business partners, suppliers, customers, or any other organisation outside of your own. Our Solution: Top Flight EDI We’ve built a SaaS solution operating within a growing range of industries across the… Read more »

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EDI customer solutions

Development of a full Electronic Data Integration (EDI) system for the purposes of the exchange and transmission of data between you and you partners. Providing a fast, accurate and reliable EDI solution to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Key benefits of EDI: Remove any manual processing requirements for partner invoices Ensure that all invoices are… Read more »

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Mobile Device Stock Processing

Save time and increase productivity by scaling current systems into a mobile format for staff to use on the road, in the warehouse around the facility. Top Flight Online is a web based solution designed to facilitate mobile processing of stock movements.  It has built-in integration with ‘Accredo’ accounting software. Top Flight Online can be… Read more »

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3PL integration

The challenges of setting up and running an effective 3PL system is complex and complicated with multiple inputs and points of integration. Development of an EDI system for the purposes of third-party logistics between customer and Logistics Company. Automating standard tasks to reduce administration costs and synchronizing inventory, purchases orders and receipts right across previously… Read more »

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Dashboards – Business Analytics

Business Analytics is extremely important to any business regardless of size or industry, however too many people are not getting what they need out of their data, use the wrong tools, misunderstand, misinterpret or misuse their data. Top Flight Dashboards can accurately and efficiently put your business analytics to work for you. Capture all your… Read more »

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Batch Tracking – Thinking outside the square

Batch tracking allows products to be traced, end-to-end, from the manufacturer through the supplier to the customer.  The process is used to keep track of which customers received specific batches, allowing managers to account for product movement via various generated reports. A batch number can be assigned to one or many units of product that… Read more »

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Stocktakes don’t have to be a drama

End of Month/Year Stocktakes don’t have to be such a drama Stocktaking with Top Flight Online The end of each month/ financial year is fast approaching, often leaving you with the mammoth task of completing a full stock count. Stocktaking is a notoriously manual and laborious process – but it doesn’t have to be. Stocktaking… Read more »

Natalya Levada 26 February, 2018 ERP Accredo, Innovation Lab     SHARE:

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