Batch tracking allows products to be traced, end-to-end, from the manufacturer through the supplier to the customer.  The process is used to keep track of which customers received specific batches, allowing managers to account for product movement via various generated reports. A batch number can be assigned to one or many units of product that are produced or purchased on various dates and can tie into an expiry date (if applicable).

A batch tracking system allows users to track product movement, create batch reports and facilitate recalls when necessary.  Not only is batch tracking a core component in achieving various regulatory compliance such as government regulations for many businesses, it also enables businesses to perform batch costing and significantly minimises the costs associated with a product recall.

We have developed a custom Batch Tracking solution integrated with the core Inventory modules of your system. This will allow you to track the specific quantities and expiry dates assigned to each batch. As a result, we can track which Customers have been sold each Batch and when:

▪ Batches are created and stored as stock is receipted in.

▪ Capture the Batch No and Quantity Receipted.

▪ This allows the system to default a Suggested Batch when orders are picked.

▪ If the Suggested Batch is not valid, users have control to update each line to the correct batch.

▪ Batch Quantities are only reduced when the respective Invoices/Receipts are POSTED.

▪ Packing Slips can print with the assigned Batch No and Bin Location.