What is B2B Integration?

B2B integration enables businesses to electronically exchange documents, information, and data on a system-to-system basis. The exchange can be with business partners, suppliers, customers, or any other organisation outside of your own.

Our Solution: Top Flight EDI

We’ve built a SaaS solution operating within a growing range of industries across the 3PL and B2B sectors. Providing a single cloud platform to integrate your software with multiple Trade Partners and End Points.

Using event-based triggers within the Accredo Business Software, verified EDI documents will flow from order to invoice via 3PL Dispatch with minimal data entry or user management.

Global studies have proven that using EDI messaging lowers the average transaction costs for both the buyer as well as the seller. Top Flight is excited to offer this solution to improve automation and increase volumes with your key accounts.EDI systems process

What are the Benefits of using EDI?

The Deeper the Integration – the more automated it becomes: An EDI integration between you and your Trading Partner benefits both sides by automating and speeding up your manual business operations while keeping your data synchronized.

More Volume = More Savings: The more volume of documents you exchange with your Trading Partners, the more benefit you get from an EDI integration. This is why the big players are insisting on B2B EDI, it’s faster, easier, and more accurate to do business via EDI.What are the benefits of EDI? | TrueCommerce UK

Time is Money so our automated solution with your largest Trade Partners is designed to considerably reduce manual data entry, resulting in Decreased Errors, Enhanced Visibility & Increased Accuracy.

Out Scalable Design with Customisable Logic will allow us to tailor your solution to your specific requirements. While maintaining Core Validation to ensure the highest quality of Data Management.

Drop Ship Order agreements with Trade Partners can result in a significant increase in order volumes. B2B integration is a key requirement to Reduce Inventory Cost and Improve Operational Efficiency to Increase your RIO.

Potential Trade Partners

Multiple connections can add complexity to any environment as different Trading Partners operate on different data formats. We will harmonise this data for you, to ensure the correct data is delivered in the correct format, at the correct destination.

  • We’ve integrated with big and small B2B Trading Partners
  • We’re fast, flexible, and responsive — we’re able to make changes and resolve issues rapidly, as things can change unexpectedly.
  • Low overhead & costs
  • Flexible business rules and validation/customization for each B2B EDI document type


Combining B2B and 3PL EDI is where awesome automation happens.

So what does an EDI system actually do?

Well, that depends! What would you like it to do?

Contact us at support@topflight.co.nz for any inquiries.