All Documents in One list
The new Documents Lists function “Both Current and History” allows you to view all the Documents you are looking at on one list. No need to flick between Current and Historic Documents-now both are available to be viewed on one list.

Easier Report Identification
In Version 5 if you run a report to Microsoft Excel, it now renames the Worksheet with the Report Title.
You no longer have to rename worksheets individually to identify then in a Workbook.

Improved Cashbook rules
If you have a regular transaction on a Bank Statement that’s for more than one Analysis Code, for example, a payment to the IRD that’s for PAYE and Kiwi saver, you can add a Rule using both Analysis Codes. Previously, you could only add rules for one Analysis Code, which meant information had to entered manually for amounts corresponding to two or more codes.

Web Service Module & Mobile Invoicing App
Accredo has also released a web services module that makes it easier for customers to have mobile apps or browser-based interfaces developed that talk to Accredo remotely. It has also released a mobile invoicing app that gives customers the ability to enter data in real time wherever the need dictates.

If you would like to know more about any of these or other new features or have queries regarding Version 5 Upgrade, do not hesitate to contact Top Flight team