Accredo Tips & Tricks

More control and functionality with Cashbook Rules
If you are using Rules in Cashbook to automatically create Transactions from your Bank Statement, you may not know that there is now a Query Option which allows you to preview each Transaction before it is created. Previewing Transactions allows you to see Customer and Creditor Balances, apply Discounts taken, turn off Stop Credit, Auto Allocate Receipts and Payments, as well as giving you the option to Skip the creation of any Transactions where you may need to edit the Rule and then reapply it.
To turn this setting on, go to Navigator > Setup > Cashbook > Settings. Click EDIT (F11) and set the APPLY RULES to Query. There is also an APPLY RULES PROMPT you can Select if you want to choose between Automatic and Query each time Rules are applied.

The next time you are reconciling your Statement where there are rules to apply, click Apply Rules (CTRL+A). You will be presented with the first Transaction to be created from a Rule. You can click Save to create the Transaction or Skip to cancel and move to the next one.