Accredo Article by Paul Wilson

Know your numbers – Information powers growth
10 July 2018

When it comes to growing a successful business, few things are as important as having a clear picture of where your business is at and an equally clear plan for where it’s going.
That’s where a good accounting software package comes in. Software that is able to help you extract the right information, quickly and usefully, can make a huge difference to the growth potential of your business.

Accredo has been providing exactly this for New Zealand customers for over 30 years. Its accounting software is specifically tailored for small and medium enterprises that have started to outgrow the basic accounting products they may have started out with.

“Most solo-preneurs have figured out some magic,” Accredo director Paul Wilson says. “They know their point of difference. They know how to serve their customers’ needs. The business is growing. They need to start adding troops. And now the question is, how do they make sure the things that made them successful keep happening – so they’re not having to apologise to customers, or not really knowing where the business is going anymore because they can’t hold it inside their head.
“That’s often when businesses come and talk to us. They feel the business is growing, and as owners they feel they’re starting to lose control – getting speed wobbles. That’s where we can help.”
People sometimes think of accounting systems as a cost, but they can actually be an incredibly valuable asset, says Wilson. For instance, if you are able to see at a glance exactly what, when and how much your business spent with a creditor last year, you have an immediate and powerful negotiating tool next time you meet that creditor. Accredo provides information about spending trends which offer deeper insights into spending behaviour.
It’s the power of information: “Any accounting product can print out a list of transactions,” Wilson says. “But that’s data, not information.”

As a New Zealand company, Accredo also understands the complexities inherent in New Zealand businesses of all sizes: our geographical diversity, our distance from key markets.
“Most accounting software packages from overseas have no idea,” says Wilson. “They think, ‘Fifteen staff, how complex can it get?’ Well, quite complex actually. New Zealand companies have to deal with what’s there and can’t dictate terms. If their customers or suppliers do things in a certain way they have to ‘get with the programme’.”

Author: Paul Wilson

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