Accredo Version 5 is now available

  Accredo Version 5 is now available Featuring: Enhanced System Security Electronic GST filing More Powerful Inventory Control Range of new functions – and enhancements to existing ones Click here to find out more:

Natalya Levada 2 November, 2018 ERP Accredo, Tips & Advice     SHARE:
Holiday Pay Entitlements

Holiday Pay Entitlements

Why do employers get it wrong? If a holiday pay was paid incorrectly, that is, if a person was paid holiday pay as a casual worker while in fact they were a part-time employee on a regular work pattern, an employer might be required to pay them holiday pay again. In the case considered by… Read more »

Natalya Levada 30 September, 2018 Payroll, Tips & Advice     SHARE:

Employee accident entitlements

Sick Leave and  ACC Payments: What an employee is entitled to if they have an accident or injury that is covered by ACC. If an employee has an accident or injury covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation scheme the following apply: If an employee has a work related or non work-related accident and gets weekly… Read more »

Natalya Levada 16 August, 2018 Payroll     SHARE:
EDI customer solutions

EDI customer solutions

Development of a full Electronic Data Integration (EDI) system for the purposes of the exchange and transmission of data between you and you partners. Providing a fast, accurate and reliable EDI solution to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Key benefits of EDI: Remove any manual processing requirements for partner invoices Ensure that all invoices are… Read more »

Andrew 15 August, 2018 ERP Accredo, Innovation Lab     SHARE:

Accredo-Know your numbers – Information powers growth

Accredo Article by Paul Wilson Know your numbers – Information powers growth 10 July 2018 When it comes to growing a successful business, few things are as important as having a clear picture of where your business is at and an equally clear plan for where it’s going. That’s where a good accounting software package… Read more »

Natalya Levada 21 July, 2018 ERP Accredo     SHARE:
Mobile Device Stock Processing

Mobile Device Stock Processing

Save time and increase productivity by scaling current systems into a mobile format for staff to use on the road, in the warehouse around the facility. Top Flight Online is a web based solution designed to facilitate mobile processing of stock movements.  It has built-in integration with ‘Accredo’ accounting software. Top Flight Online can be… Read more »

Top Flight 29 June, 2018 ERP Accredo, Innovation Lab     SHARE:

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