IMS Payroll

IMS Payroll Partner is one of Top Flight's recommended payroll systems. Although too great to list, the features of IMS Payroll Partner are extensive and the fact that over 10,000 New Zealand companies use this system is testament to its reputation and proven track record.

The IMS payroll was developed in 1983 and has been delivering payroll solutions to NZ businesses employing between 1 and 5000 staff.

IMS Payroll Partner is extremely easy and fun to use. Just click on each tab as you go through the payroll process each week, fortnight or month. The system can be configured to suit your business requirements. IMS Payroll can be run from your desktop or it can be run in the cloud.

Features include:

  • Tracking of leave automatically
  • IRD online filing
  • Emailing of payslips
  • Direct crediting to main NZ banks
  • Comprehensive reporting – exporting to PDF and Excel
  • Integration with many accounting software systems
  • Transaction auditing
  • Cost centres for employees
  • Management of Kiwi Saver contributions
  • Recording of Pay History
  • HR info
  • Standard pays templates
  • User access permissions

The IMS Payroll can easily be integrated with Xero or MYOB and Accredo.

Top Flight also offers external payroll processing services using IMS Payroll Partner. We will do the processing for you and there is no need to purchase software and train your staff. Alternatively we can install IMS Payroll in your organisation and train your staff to implement it independently.