Q: What to do if my sub ledgers do not balance?

A: Do a transfer to GL to check nothing has been entered into the sub ledger that has not been transferred and post to GL.
If the sub ledgers still do not balance, check the following things:

  • Check for Unposted batches in the GL
  • Check for Deleted batches in the GL
  • Check the AR and AP GL accounts for any journals not sourced from the sub ledger
  • Check for GL transactions in your control accounts not sourced from the sub ledger


Q: When should I run a File Recovery?

A: Perform a File Recovery:

  • On month end
  • If Accredo has suddenly terminated by power or computer failure.
  • If Accredo detects and advises problems or inconsistency in the data.


Q: How can I run a File Recovery?

A: Run a backup of Accredo Company data (VERY important)
To perform File Recovery to go Navigator > Setup > File Recovery
Select Recover All Modules (to recover data for all installed Modules) and then click OK.
When File Recovery is complete, a Confirm window will indicate errors and warnings. Print the File Recovery Error Report and email it to us for validation. For fast results, run the File Recovery on the workstation or Server where Accredo Server is installed. Accredo will be unavailable to all Users at this time.


Q: How can I add a New Year/Period?

A: To add Years and Setup periods go to

  • Navigator > Setup > Company > Configuration > Periods & Years
  • Click on the Plus icon
  • Enter or select settings for the year
  • Click SAVE
  • Change settings if required for one or more periods.
  • Click SAVE, the Years grid will open with the year added at the list end.


Q: What are Filter operators?

A: The following table lists the meaning of each operator and general rules for its use:





Not containing

Enter a single figure, word or phrase as selection criteria.

+- Equal to plus or minus For numeric fields, enter one or more selection criteria, separated by commas.
# or <>
Equal to
Not equal to
Enter one or more selection criteria, separated by commas.
Less than
Greater than
Less than or equal to
Greater than or equal to
Enter a single figure, word of phrase as selection criteria.
Inside range
Outside range
Enter the start and end data for the range, separated by a comma.