May 2016

3 Steps to Choosing the Right ERP Software System

If your business has outgrown its software you may have to consider upgrading to an ERP software solution. ERP systems are designed for larger businesses.
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7 Benefits of Cloud Accounting

While cloud accounting is no longer a new concept, the thought of having your company’s data sitting in the cloud can be a little challenging for some. However, with technological developments such as cloud computing, there’s an opportunity to optimise and expand your business.
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April 2016

What do bookkeepers do?

The simple answer is: “All the financial record keeping you don’t have the time or expertise to do properly yourself”. A good bookkeeper can be a huge asset to your business because they have the knowledge and experience of how to accurately manage your business’s financial records. They can also provide insight into potential financial issues in the business.
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GST in New Zealand

As a GST registered entity, the typical business owner is merely acting as a tax collector on behalf of the IRD. This is due to the fact that GST is only a cost to the final consumer, not to the GST registered business owner who can reclaim the GST he or she pays on purchases of goods and services.
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