Debra Munro

Chief Delegator

With over 25 years experience in the accounting software industry. Debra specialises in assessing client requirements and uses her wide experience over many industries and many years to ensure that you are matched with the best product to fulfill your goals and objectives and that the implementation process proceeds smoothly. Debra also handles the on-going training and support needs of a wide range of Top Flight clients.

David Scott

Business Manager

David has been involved in customizing and supporting Financial Software since 2001. He began his career working in-house for Accredo involved with Dealer support and customizations. David’s experience in systems analysis, along with his ability to customize software are qualities that will benefit all clients. Data integration, data transfer, system design, scripting and custom reports are strengths David has brought to our team.

Barbara Sinclair

Software Consultant / Microsoft Office

Barbara Sinclair, an experienced Microsoft Office Consultant, has joined our team to provide Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Access support. Barbara is a qualified teacher and Microsoft Certified Instructor. She has over 20 years of experience working with a wide range of businesses providing software training and development services to improve productivity and output. This wealth of experience provides Barbara with an insight to assessing your requirements and designing the right solution for you.

Olga Simpson

Senior Payroll Manager / HR

Olga gained her MA overseas and added to her university qualifications gaining a Graduate Diploma in Business Management. She has experience working overseas with a number of international companies. She has joined our team in 2008 to take over the administration of payroll functions for both small and large companies. Olga enjoys communicating with a diverse range of clients each week to ensure all payroll responsibilities are managed efficiently to give our clients peace of mind.

Lisa Qin

Software / Payroll Consultant

Lisa joined our team in 2013 to provide IMS Payroll, MYOB, and Xero support with a background of Business Analysis majoring in Accounting. Lisa is an effective communicator with multi-language skills which will benefit Mandarin speaking clients. Lisa has experience working with international companies both overseas and in New Zealand. As a software and payroll consultant, Lisa enjoys taking care of your work and leaving you more time to do your own business.

James Warner

Software Consultant / Developer

James has joined us in early 2015, to aid with financial software support and customisations. James has been nigh on obsessed with computers and programming from an early age. From programming to system virtualisation and cloud hosting through to hardware, James has experience in many areas. Don't let his youth deceive you; James has knowledge in many IT aspects that can be used to aide you and your business.

Jainy Jose

Software / Payroll Consultant

Jainy joined our team in May 2016 as a Payroll/Software Consultant with a qualification in Professional Accounting.  Jainy assists our clients with both IMS and I-Payroll, and has a certification in Xero software.  Jainy enjoys working in a team environment, and has great attention to detail 

Blake Irwin

Software Developer