If you are a business that wants easy to use accounting software with no large upfront investment and access to your data anywhere, anytime, then a Cloud Accounting package could be for you.

Here are 6 benefits of Cloud for businesses.

1. Access Anytime from Anywhere

With cloud solutions, you are no longer tied to your desktop computers. You can log in from any computer that has a web browser and access to the Internet.

2. Automatic Software Updates

Software companies are able to upgrade the software without you having to stop what you are doing. Your software is always on the latest version offering you the advantage of all the latest features.

3. Document Control

All your files are stored centrally. No more sending files back and forth or accidentally picking up an outdated version of a document.

4. Safe and Easy Sharing

You can share the data with as many others as you like, your accountant, your business coach, your bookkeeper and your bank manager. There is no need to email reports and data to anybody or save data on a USB stick.

5. Managed Backups

There is no need to back up your data file ever again. Therefore no danger of taking a backup that later doesn’t work or losing your data in some other way.

6. Saving the Environment

Most cloud accounting software lets you attach documents such as your supplier’s invoices or contracts to the corresponding transactions. No more filing and keeping paper records cluttering up your office.

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